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 Strange behavior when setting uidoc to read mode

Jonas WanningPost date: 2007-06-04 12:16

Some times the most trivial things gets complicated in Notes

This strange feature/behavior was at leaste new to me.

If you:

  1. open a document in categorized view with a Notes client
  2. change the category,
  3. save the document and put it in read mode (ctrl + e)

Result: Notes will open the next document in the view and not the document you were editing. This is also true for script "uidoc.EditMode = false". Some how the uidoc is associated with the nbr in view, but the parentView of the document is nothing.

In my case the workaround is to put the action code in an agent that after changing category saves and closes the ui document and then reopens the doc with the workspace.EditDocument method.

I'm currently working on a R6.5 client. Is this true for R7 and R8?


Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-06-04 22:57

I have never encountered it. But it walks, talks and looks like a bug to me.

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