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 A challenge indeed - frames in the Notes client

Kenneth HaggmanPost date: 2007-02-22 09:44
I thought I should step up to the challenge here and see if anyone knows anything about this.

How can I get handles to and dynamically adjust the frames within a Notes client application?

Neither @Formulas nor LotusScript has code for this, leaving JavaScript as the only option.
No matter what I try, I can't get to the frames.
I believe the reason may be that they aren't really frames, but 'panes'.

No matter what, the problem remains.
Does anyone have a solution?

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-02-23 23:08

I must admit the Notes client is not my strongest area of expertise. I've been looking in to this and found no way of controlling the height and width.

I can get the name - the examples from the help file actually work. But no other properties seem to work the way one would expect.

Tough one.

Lars JohanssonPost date: 2007-03-19 17:10

Try this!

Or look in my attached db...

<a href="#" onClick="change(25)">25%</a>
<a href="#" onClick="change(50)">50%</a>
<a href="#" onClick="change(75)">75%</a>
<a href="#" onClick="change(100)">100%</a>

function change( value ) {
    val2 = 100 - value
    parent.document.body.cols = ( value + "% , " + val2 + "%" )



Hmmmpf... I just read that it was in the client not on the web. SORRY!


/ L

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-03-24 13:06

Yeah, it is a tough one.

I wonder how many Domino companies still use the Notes client. We do 95% of our work on the web. But I guess there must be loads of old Notes client applications out there.

Lars JohanssonPost date: 2007-03-26 21:44

ABB use the client a lot, not just for e-mail. There is a big advantage when their projects runs in for example a djungel in Panama. They replicate databases locally and can then work everywhere even without an internet connection. But, right now the use version 5 of the client. But they are in a big project to start upgrade to version 7. They skip the 6 client and goes direct to v 7.


Way way out of topic, I know, but I blame Tomas

Kenneth HaggmanPost date: 2007-04-25 10:54

You may not be aware, but Sweden is really advanced when it comes to IT in general and Notes/Domino is no exception.

It may well be true that most clients in Sweden are using web browsers much more than the Notes client.
But in the rest of the world things are different.
In Australia, England and Ireland (and USA as far as I know) the Notes client is the principal client and will probably so remain for the foreseeable future.

Much as I'd prefer to work with web browsers and web technology in general, one has to 'bite the bullet' and adapt to what the client prefers.
And truth be told, the fat Notes client is pretty capable.
You whip up an application in no time, compared to a web app.
But the real clincher is the ability to create a local replica and bring with you, this is where Notes shines high and above so many other platforms.

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