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 View from another database trouble

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-10-28 20:42

I am having a strange behavior with a form where I have included a view from another database.

Each time i edit the form it asks me from what server the database with the view is. After I tell which server I can edit the form. But if I as much as clicks on the embedded view the notes client hangs with 100% CPU utilization.

The form works fine on the web but I have this bad feeling about the whole thing.

I have tried removing the form and inserting it again - same result.

Anyone got a clue?

Niklas WallerPost date: 2007-10-29 15:18


Which version of Notes is it?
I am asking because I earlier found a bug regarding embedded views in version 6.5.4. The technote describes a problem regarding embedded views and tabbed table but I had problems without the table if I clicked the view (if I recall correctly).

Rgds / Niklas

Daniel LehtihetPost date: 2007-10-31 16:07



in my days i've been doing some mmore or less extensive API coding and when i saw this problem described i got a flashback from another, but similar, problem.

My theory is this:

If you look at a form with an embedded view (could be from another db) you will have several CD records inside the $Body items (can be several), one which is a "CDResource" structure with a signature of "Href2" (notepeek can't display this for what it is, it just shows binary data). This structure holds amongst other things:

FileHint (i.e database filename to elements which it points to)

ServerHint (i.e Servername where pointed-to element resides)

TIMEDATE (i.e replica-id for the pointed-to element (view) in the other database

Now, one would think that these values would get filled in the same way no matter if the element was local to the database or from another database. It does not. If the view comes from the same database when the TIMEDATE is undefined (0) and the filehint and serverhint are empty.


If it on the other hand points to a view in another database, then it can work in one of several ways (as i have noticed).

TIMEDATE can be filled in, giving the replica-id, and/or filehint/serverhint can have values. So far so good.

Now to the weird part: Somethimes after saving something embedded that points to another database (could be an embedded view or a shared image for actionbar backgrounds, or.....) TIMEDATE gets filled out ok. If you then start to change other parts of your form and save a couple of times, you'll notice that the TIMEDATE gets "broken" (notespeek says "invalid data" in red color).

Then how can the notesclient "know" where to locate the elements when TIMEDATE is broken? My theory is that it hides this problem for the user and do on of the following:


1) scans a number of key databases such as names.nsf, headlines.nsf, bookmark.nsf... and tries to locate the element there.

2) if it can't find it, then ignores it, not showing any view (or image) at all.

So perhaps when you click on the view and "activates" it, the client don't know how to handle it and tries desperately to find it somewhere (which is what takes time)..


A theory anyway :)


Kind regards




Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-11-03 10:23

Sorry for the late reply it has been a crazy (but good) week for my projects.

The form was created using 6.5.1 and is now edited in the 7.02 client. Running on Domino 8 server.

Daniel, you might be on to something. I have a gut feeling about other issues when using resources from other databases.

To complicate matters there is a development server which has replicas of the databases on it so the server hint might sometimes point in the wrong direction.

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