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 What is your most treasured Lotus gadget?

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2008-02-25 21:01

I was packing my bags for a trip this evening and found my old T-shirt from Web Developers Conference in San Francisco back in 1997. Wow! What a flash back!


So I was thinking what kind of gadgets are out there?

Dennis PaulsonPost date: 2008-02-28 19:00

I used to have an eSuite tshirt.

 will see if I can find it.

eSuite was going to take over the web with java applets. 

Daniel LehtihetPost date: 2008-03-05 22:50

When i worked for Lotus Development in a product development project (LSA, later LiSA) i received a pair of underpants with the logo "Release the power" imprinted on it.

(and no, you will not actually see me wearing them... LOL).



DannePost date: 2008-03-06 07:55

I still uses the pink 500ml drinking cups from the first European Lotusphere in Berlin (think it was 97 or 98).


It was the "Sametime" plastic ultra-pink cups that I now have 3 left of. They are used by me every single day (for drinking water when Im front of the computer or the TV, wich I am almost every day).

I remember we got them from the last Thursday party and that we collected alot of them.

I now have 3 left and the sametime and "taste the knowledge" text on them are almost all gone but I have had alot of use for them over the years.

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