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 WebP support for Domino, anyone?

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2010-10-07 22:05

I am not always the first with new tech - I'd like it to mature a bit - but this evening I have played around with some sources for Google's new image format, WebP. Apparently it is pronounced "weppy". I have managed to compile it for windows and have tried to run some of my photographs trough it.
The compression is amazing! I fed it a photo of our youngest son when he helps me disconnect our radio.

Input size: 1 255 561 byte.
Output size: 548 309 byte.

This is with the highest quality factor 100!

Original image: Image link here!
Compression 100: Image link here!

Imagine if we allowed a lower quality factor. I did try with quality 55 and got a 41 397 byte file. You can see it has some artifacts but given the compression it is great!

Compression 55: Image link here!

Unfortunately there is no viewer available to this day so to look at it I have to convert it back to PNG (loss less) to view it. (I have included the PNG files for you to comapare quality)
When I compare the images I see no apparent difference at all! (If some of you are photo-nuts you will probably correct me here)

I have attached the images here. One day you might be able to look att the weppy ones also.

Maybe we should put WebP support into DAP? The compression sure is impressive!


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