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 How many linux boxes do you have at home?

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2008-12-29 23:37

I just realized that after this christmas my windows to linux ratio has tipped over towards linux boxes. Being a tech heavy family this is probably not a normal ratio but might indicate a trend.

Linux count so far:

Dreambox 7000 Sat receiver (Actually with a mainboard from IBM)
Dreambox 7020 Sat receiver
Kathrein UFS-910 HD Sat receiver
3*Popcorn Hour (A100 model)
Eee 901 Linux model (I just had to have one and the kids can watch movies for hours when running on battery. And I got 4 GB more SSD disk when I choose the linux model.)

I also have an old laptop running Debian but I only use that one when I compile C-programs for the Dreamboxes so I can not count that one really.

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