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 Using a web proxy software to help with web development

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2010-11-17 20:21

When developing modern web applications, especially using Ajax, being able to see what interactions your web browser have with the server will be really helpful.

There are a number of techniques to do this. Either the browser has some built in tool to do this (Chrome) or a plug-in like FireBug (Firefox). For Internet Explorer there are plug-ins as well like "IEHTTPHeaders".

Or there is the more traditional web proxy that you run as a separate program that intercepts port 80 traffic. I am using one of the latter called Charles Proxy. It is very well thought out and written in Java so it runs everywhere with all browsers.

Whichever you choose does not matter. What is important is that you can inspect the traffic from and to your web server.

You might want to know if your Ajax request actually fires, or if it has an Error 404 return. Having a proxy and knowing how to use it can really save you hour of work.

When it comes to web page optimization it is great to inspect what is loaded, load times and how much work can be done simultaneously.

Many of the tools will allow you to see a graph of the items being loaded and you can see if your page design is causing issues and hold-ups of a smooth page loading.

What is your favorite web development tool?

drmortenPost date: 2010-11-17 20:50
Theres another interceptor called Fiddler Also if you want to go deep theres wireshark.

However what We've noticed recently is the use of NGIX ( It can be used to setup a proxy server locally, allowing for the development of Javascript intese HTML5 applications without hitting cross-site scripting issues.

You can safely work against a target REST-api and then when the application is avaliable deploy it in a location where it wouldn't have the cross-site issues.

Also if your working with SMTP I'd like to drop a short line about Dumpster ( a small library allowing you to create tests for sending emails though SMTP.

DannePost date: 2010-11-18 09:31

Nice tips drMorten. I'll have a look on those.

Still its fairly easy to do a proxy servlet in Domino for rest/ajax use. Dump the .jar out on the server and have it loaded automatically whenever the server starts and it works pretty darn good :)

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