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 Single Sign-On configuration is invalid

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2010-10-09 13:09

I got stuck on a SSO config the other day. I have done it a couple of times before for different organizations but this one failed when loading the HTTP task.

2010-10-08 22:48:29   HTTP Server: Error loading Web SSO Configuration 'LtpaToken' (Single Sign-On configuration is invalid)

IBM has a helpful document about not having two SSO documents with the same name but I had found a new one apparently.

What I had done was that I had entered an "Organization" under Token Configuration even though the server was running Web onfiguration and not Internet Sites which caused Domino not to find it.

I actually went and looked at the Server form to find out how it worked. This is great with Domino you can look into everything!

If you are having troubles with SSO configurations you can inspect all of them, regardless of if they are Web configs or Internet sites, in the view "($WebSSOConfigs)".

The view is hidden but you can open it with the old trick:

Open the NAB in the notes client and while holding down Ctrl-Shift, Choose View -> Go to...

Scroll down in the list of views to "($WebSSOConfigs)", select and OK.

All SSO configs for a certain domain has the domain as a prefix in the view and the other ones are just listed with their names.



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