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 FTSearch too slow

SycoraxPost date: 2007-11-14 17:13

Hello, i want to ask, if somebody could help me out of this problem.

We have quite big database, ca 10 GB (most of them are attachments). The FT index has 2 GB, quite big as well.

Is it normal, that the ftsearch query needs ca 1-2 minutes for each to find the result?

Sometime in 30s, or 9s, but the 5 minutes searching time is quite too big.

Im using an agent and view.FTSearch ( in 38 000 documents ).

Is the time ok? How to improve the search speed?




Fredrik StöckelPost date: 2007-11-15 09:34

> 10sec is forever :)

Are you doing something special with the searchresult (collection) before you return it to the user?

Do you get eqaually bad responsetimes if you switch to db.FTSearch?  do you need to search through a view?

Is it a busy database? a lot of writes? What happens if you turn off autoupdate on the view ?  (don't know if this have any impact in this case) 





Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-11-15 11:47

Do you need to search in the contents of the attachments or just fields in the documents?

Turning off indexing of the attachments should bring down the index and the search time (If you can do it without losing functionality).

Otherwise I would try Fredriks suggestion to try db.FTSearch. I have had better result with that one than view.FTSearch - but I know some people would say the latter should be faster - depends on the situation I guess.

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