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 Cluster environment

OMedinaPost date: 2009-07-09 16:34


My company is interested in experimenting with DAP. My team has the trail version but we have a question about the assimilation into our environment. Specifically, we use clustered servers. How does the DAP installation work for this type of setup?

FYI.  Our company  has Domino teams in many  countries worldwide



Tomas NielsenPost date: 2009-07-10 19:38


As I mentioned on the chat it should pose no problem in theory as DAP only change the HTML pages Domino has already built but I wanted to test it out myself so I set up three machines:

ICM - Internet Cluster Manager machine Domino 8.02 on 32 bit windows, 1 CPU (no HTTP task)
64bitClusterNode - Domino 8.02 on 64 bit windows, 2 CPU (I have DAP on 64 bit in beta)
32bitClusterNode - Domino 8.02 on 32 bit windows, 1 CPU

I then set up a stress test that would send requests to the ICM machine that would distribute the load over the 32 bit and 64 bit machine. I have included the pictures of the load chart.

Above, 32 bit machine.

Above, 64 bit machine.

It seems the ICM distributes the load fine over the machines. I should have chosen a bigger box for the ICM because I was maxing it out on CPU. The two Domino boxes showed very little CPU usage.

I would have hoped the ICM could detect that the 64 bit machine had more power and sent more requests that way but it seems the ICM divided the load very evenly. Maybe if I had had a better ICM machine...


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