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 Change log dominoExperts 2007-02

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2007-02-25 09:52

I am starting to log changes made over time to the site for those interested and for my own memory.

2007-02-27 - There is now a RSS feed connected to the forum. Let me know how that works out.

2007-02-27 - Added the "Top posters" list and "Domino resources" list on the right pane. Changed the way posts were counted. Now all posts are counted even replies. All users posts were recalculated.

2007-02-25 - Changed some formatting and removed unnecessary text from the start page. Changed the reply, edit and delete functions from text links to pictures. Changed login time from 30 days to 1000 days.

2007-02-25 - New FCKEditor to make Fire Fox copy/paste work and get the modern features such as the important.
There is also a nice spell check (IE only for the moment)

2007-02-24 - Changed a discrepancy in the delete post function. It would look like a deleted post still existed but it could not be opened. Thanks go to Kenneth Haggman for pointing that one out.

2007-02-24 - I have added a more visible "new post" button to create new posts.

2007-02-24 - The function that showed a post when you hovered over a link to a post had a major positioning bug in Fire Fox 2.0. It always appeared at the top of the page. The positioning worked in FF 1.06 but something has apparently changed. The position is now calculated relative to the post-link instead of the cursor position.

2007-02-12 - Added a Lost Password function by request.

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