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 Domino Accelerator Pack 1.50 is out!

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2009-06-26 01:10

Domino Accelerator Pack is a plugin to Domino to accelerate your web experience. DAP will cache, compress, JS-Min, and merge requests together to get the most out of your Domino server.

The latest addition is performance profiling. DAP will now keep a list of the 500 slowest URLs on your system. From the manual:

DAP will continuously monitor the performance of all the requests to the server and keep a list of the 500 slowest performing URLs. This will enable you to quickly find bottle necks in your system and will also help to build good, scalable Domino applications. You can also make better informed decisions about hardware changes or code rewrites when you know what is causing your Domino server to be slow.
Each URL is measured in two steps. First the “render” time and then the “send” time. The render time is the time it takes in milliseconds to calculate and create the web page. Take as an example a Form. The render time is the time it takes to calculate a form, do all the lookups, calculations and have the page ready. The send time is the time it takes to send the form to the web browser. For LAN environments this will be a very short time but for WAN or Internet environments the send time rises quickly with the size of the URL content.
In the screen shot above the URLs are sorted on the Time column. The Time column shows the average time (render + send) for all the hits to that URL. If you hover the mouse over one of the time values you can see more specific timings for that URL.
Real time performance graphs
To see how your Domino server is doing right now, DAP has a couple of graphs to show a snapshot of the load on the server.


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