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 Domino Accelerator Pack 1.03 released

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2008-11-10 22:54

This version has a lot of new features and fixes a special situation in Internet Explorer that can make a hard-reload not update the cache.

The new DAP is also 54% smaller than the last version!

Download link

Full change log- Smaller DLL file (54%) due to better compiler optimizations.
- Better support for hard reload for Internet Explorer.
- Added the host name to the links in Show Cache web admin. Admin links could go wrong when multiple hosts were cached.
- Admin interface shows latest available DAP version and features for download.
- Admin interface "Show Cache" page is now compressed if browser supports it.
- Admin interface can filter "Show Cache" on host and GZip cache.
- Admin interface can show GZip cache content.
- Admin interface "Show Cache" shows a footer with totals.
- Admin interface "Show Cache" gets zebra stripes for increased readability.

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