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 Domino Accelerator Pack 1.04 released

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2008-12-11 21:56

Apart from some cosmetic changes this release is all about the JS-Minify support.

Users of the 1.03 release should now have a link on their System Overview page telling there is a new version available.

From the manual:

DAP supports an algorithm developed by Douglas Crockford that removes all comments and
unnecessary white space from JavaScripts or CSS files. This will reduce scripts and style sheets another 10-15% when combined with GZip. You can read more about the algorithm here:

DAP uses a slightly modified algorithm that is a bit more conservative around the hash (#) char. This is to counter Internet Explorer’s parsing of CSS files that did not work otherwise.

To use JSMin set a HTTP-header:  js-min: true Example:


This will tell DAP to minify the JavaScript or CSS before GZip compression. Do not attempt to minify other content than JavaScript or CSS it will probably break the content.

Be aware that unlike GZip minifying is not lossless. The content will be changed. In some cases JavaScript or CSS files can behave different after minifying. You will have to test that your code works after you attempt to minify. Pay extra attention if you are using conditional comments in JavaScript. This will most probably not work as comments are removed.

Note: JS-Minifying is an option for some content, use only where you know no harm can be done it is not worth the space saved if it means introducing bugs in your code.

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