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 Domino Accelerator Pack roadmap ahead

Tomas NielsenPost date: 2010-11-04 21:09

I have had a lot of questions about where Domino Accelerator Pack is heading and instead of writing emails to everyone I will just post it here.

We have a lot of ideas and we have to prioritize to make the right decisions come out first. Here is some of the features coming in short term:

- We have found a way to get DAP to work with the versions of Domino suffering from the DSAPI problem. This is high priority of course even though newer Domino versions do not suffer from this.

- Shredding even more weight of Domino pages. Page Optimization. For some time we have looked at Domino pages and found a lot of unnecessary scripts and malformed HTML that was needed when you support Netscape 1.0 and Internet Explorer 2.0. This extra weight can be taken away from your pages without any harm. We have seen pages shred as much as 1000 bytes in the lab. For a majority of the pages (opendocument, openform, editdocument) we have roughly 450 bytes of reduction. That is before GZip. This feature will be enabled by default for the entire server but can be turned off either for individual pages or for all pages.

- Performance measuring. We will make it possible to get performance data from your pages in real time so you can really tune that web-agent, form or XPage.

- DefaultCache=true. Instant cache fix. DAP will have an option to enable caching for all known static content on the server. This will be a very effective "GoFaster=1" option for your server and, most of all, your users.


Long term goals:

- The DAP interface is being migrated to Dojo.

- GUI to give the ability to reset parts of the cache.

- Web trace plug-in.

Web-trace for a user. What content has been sent to a user? Enables you to debug web applications remote in real time.

The web trace will be able to trace all input and output sent to and from a specific user. This will enable developers to find errors occurring for a certain user without actually being on site. The Web Trace also measures how long pages take to render so you can spot any bottle necks. Especially useful when you get the error report "the system is slow".


- SDCH - Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP. We are following what happens with Google's initiative with Chrome and support for "Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP". At the moment not many browsers support it, only Chrome has native support and there is a plug-in for Internet Explorer. Google's studies show 40% improvement over gzip. Could be interesting.

- WebP - Weppy. Google's new proposal for image compression. Google claims an average 39% reduction on images in the wild. We have working code here and are eager to try it out but we miss a browser that can show WebP images.

- HTML5's cache manifest. We have some ideas on how to take advantage of this.


Note that the order of or the contents of the listed items may change.


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