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Domino Accelerator Pack - DAP
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1. Server - Stress test - Loading of
This test loads our first page (35 requests) by 200 simultaneous users during one minute in MS Web Application Stress Tool. The test is performed over a gigabit link. The server is a one CPU quad core (Q9550) at 2.83 GHz.
The test downloads every request every time and ignores browser cache.
 DAP loadedDAP not loaded
Number of hits/1 min105 69638 183
Requests per second1 761636
Total bytes for page128 320355 600
Highest average response time141 ms601 ms
Lowest average response time71 ms231 ms
CPU usage

Note how much lower the CPU graphs are, the DAP cache is clearly taking load off the server even though the server is delivering 1 125 requests more per second.

2. Web Client - Page load time test - Loading of
The load time tests were done using IE7 and Charles web proxy to measure timing and simulate the different connection speeds.
Load time for different connections.
 DAP loadedDAP not loaded
Total bytes for page128 320355 600
Gigabit connection1.14 sec1.78 sec
100 MB connection1.74 sec2.48 sec
10 MB connection1.95 sec2.62 sec
256kb connection4.39 sec11.84 sec

Speed increases more for slow connections and would be more visible over a real internet connection where packets might even get lost and have to be retransmitted.
The reason the compression is not higher is because of the images on the page already being compressed.

DAP Support forum here.

See DAP compression and caching statistics for here.

Screen shot of System Overview.
Click image for larger version.
Screen shot of Cache Viewer.
Click image for larger version.

Latest DAP versions
Includes two month trial license.

2012-02-14DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.03 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.03.zipDownloads: 1074

2011-04-27DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.02 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.02.zipDownloads: 1077

2010-05-02DAP 2.01
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.01 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.01.zipDownloads: 1271

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