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Domino Accelerator Pack - DAP
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There are four license models to use Domino Accelerator Pack.

1. Trial license.
2. Free license for bloggers and private citizens.
3. Commercial license.
4. Bundle with your product.

1. Trial license
The trial license is free for all to download here on the site. Feel free to try out DAP in your environment. In every distribution of DAP there is a license.lic file that limits the time to use the trial. The period is usually 1-2 months. Note that if you download an old DAP version the license file will most probably be outdated. If you want to extend the trial period you can use a newer license.lic file from the latest release.

2. Free license for bloggers and private citizens
DAP is available for bloggers and nonprofit users with public web sites. Only requirement is to state visibly on the Blog that you are using DAP. To receive a DAP Blog license contact

3. Commercial license
You can buy DAP on a per server basis. There are no extra fees for multiple CPU configurations or multiple CPU cores. One Domino server one license - simple. For clustered environments you pay for each server in the cluster.
License time is forever (100 years).

The price is US$ 1300 per server. Click here to buy

4. Bundle with your product
If you have a Domino product or are delivering services where DAP can accelerate your solutions you can bundle in DAP when you go to market. Contact for pricing.

Want to become a reseller for DAP? Contact

Latest DAP versions
Includes two month trial license.

2012-02-14DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.03 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.03.zipDownloads: 1074

2011-04-27DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.02 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.02.zipDownloads: 1077

2010-05-02DAP 2.01
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.01 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.01.zipDownloads: 1271

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