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Domino Accelerator Pack - DAP
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Domino Accelerator Pack is a plug-in to Domino that GZip's and caches Domino content making your Web applications perform faster and transmit faster over the network. No need to change your web applications. Plugs in and accelerates in 5 minutes.

DAP works as a DSAPI filter that sits between the HTTP stack and the Domino server engine. It will cache and compress content going out from the server - reducing server load and reducing bandwidth usage. Standard HTTP/1.1 caching headers are used to set up the caching and compression rules.

Cached content will be delivered directly from memory without Domino having to render the content again. The GZip compression will reduce Domino web pages with 70-75% depending on content type.

Profiling: DAP maintains a list of the 500 slowest URLs on your server so you can quickly spot bottle necks. Real time performance graphs shows how your server is doing right now.

DAP keeps a GZip-cache of recently compressed content saving CPU time when the compression engine does not have to work all the time.
DAP uses a "Smart Cache" that will try to cache content Domino sees as un-cacheable. This avoids retransmissions of entire pages that have not changed.

DAP sells for US$ 1300, see more information under License and Buy.

See full feature list here.

DAP Support forum here.

See DAP compression and caching statistics for here.

See DAP Real time performance graphs for here.

Screen shot of System Overview.
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Screen shot of Cache Viewer.
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Screen shot of Real time graphs.
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Latest DAP versions
Includes two month trial license.

2012-02-14DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.03 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.03.zipDownloads: 1074

2011-04-27DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.02 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.02.zipDownloads: 1077

2010-05-02DAP 2.01
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.01 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.01.zipDownloads: 1271

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