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Domino Accelerator Pack - DAP
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  • Simpler than a web accelerator proxy but uses all the same HTTP/1.1 standards.

  • Installation in 5 minutes - only two .dll files and a license file in the server directory (next to nserver.exe). No extra server or hassle with ports and firewalls.

  • Caches resources compressed with GZip in memory. Saving compression, memory and rendering time for the server.

  • On average 70-75% compression of compress able content. Takes a lot of traffic off your network card/network/internet connection.

  • JS-Minify support. Reduces JavaScript and CSS files another 10-20%. When combined with GZip will typically give compressions over 80% in total. No need to hand-minify JavaScript or CSS, keep all your nice comments in the code and let DAP optimize in real time.

  • Caching system can deliver content faster than Domino (Bypasses Domino rendering engine).

  • Developer friendly cache. A "hard reload" will refresh the cache. No restarts of servers.

  • The DAP-Merge feature can in runtime combine many JavaScript’s or CSS files into one saving the server and web client a lot of HTTP-requests.

  • Kill switch for the cache to reset all caches. No restarts of servers.

  • DAP keeps a list of the 500 slowest URLs on your server. Great when looking for bottle necks.

  • DAP shows you real time graphs of the load on your server right now.

  • Web Admin Interface to see compression statistics.

  • Web admin interface to browse the cache to see what has been cached and why.

  • Cached content will be faster than files from the HTML directory. If you count in the GZip savings, 3-4 times faster.

  • "Smart Cache" will try to cache content Domino see as un-cacheable. Avoids retransmissions of entire pages that have not changed.

  • Has an internal GZip cache so dynamic content of more static nature do not have to use the GZip engine every time (CPU saver).

  • Will typically double your servers HTTP ability to serve pages. (Depending on the ratio of cacheable material)

  • Written in C for fast, CPU native, execution.

  • Written specifically for Domino.

  • Uses the fastest industry standard zlib (v1.2.3) for fast and efficient deflate. (Can be upgraded when new releases come)

  • Fully GZip RFC1952 compliant. (GZip magic header, CRC32 etc.)

  • Avoids sending GZip to older browsers.

  • Built in avoidance of known IE6 GZip bugs.

  • Domino admins are used to having it all - In one server. DAP requires no extra server hardware.

    DAP Support forum here.

    See DAP compression and caching statistics for here.

    Screen shot of System Overview.
    Click image for larger version.
    Screen shot of Cache Viewer.
    Click image for larger version.

  • Latest DAP versions
    Includes two month trial license.

    2012-02-14DAP 2.02
    Domino Accelerator Pack 2.03 is out (Maintenance release)
    DAP 2.03.zipDownloads: 1074

    2011-04-27DAP 2.02
    Domino Accelerator Pack 2.02 is out (Maintenance release)
    DAP 2.02.zipDownloads: 1077

    2010-05-02DAP 2.01
    Domino Accelerator Pack 2.01 is out (Maintenance release)
    DAP 2.01.zipDownloads: 1271

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