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Q: How much memory will DAP use?
A: The footprint of the DAP code is below 300 kb. The DAP cache and GZip cache is set to a maximum of 50 MB. The memory will be allocated as it gets used. Smaller sites will never use 50 MB. Expired cache memory gets de-allocated every 10 seconds. As the cached content is compressed before storage the memory mileage is long. You can see the used number of bytes at: (Use your sites name)

Q: How much better HTTP performance will I get?
A: The GZip compression alone will give you 3-4 times faster page delivery times. The cache will deliver cached content faster than if it was taken from the Domino file-structure. I have an OpenAgent URL that took 300-400 ms to load before take between 1-10 ms after DAP caching. So the slower your pages are today the more noticeable a gain you will see. GZip does a lot for public web sites and poor connections since the number of TCP packets that can be fragmented and lost (causing retransmissions) over the internet is reduced to 1/4.

Q: Will my CPU load increase with GZip compression?
A: Not necessarily. There is a CPU penalty for sending content trough the Domino HTTP stack and as the size is cut down before transmission some CPU time is recovered. The built in GZip cache of DAP will also try to avoid recompression of content that was recently compressed. The DAP cache can of course give huge CPU savings depending on the nature of the content.

Q: How can I see how DAP is performing?
A: You can see a lot of statistics at: (Use your sites name) DAP will also print some statistics to the console when closing down the HTTP service.

Q: Can the DAP Smart Cache interfere with my applications?
A: The Smart Cache is only activated for content automatically generated by Domino where no extra headers have been set. These URL’s are safe to Smart Cache. Views, forms and pages are affected.

Q: Can I buy DAP and run it in my company?
A: Yes, DAP sells for US$1300 per Domino server and the license lasts forever. See the license page for details.

Q: What OS platforms do DAP run on?
A: DAP run on the windows 32 bit platforms. It has been tested with Win2k server, Win2003 server and Win XP.

Q: What Domino versions do DAP run on?
A: DAP has been tested for Domino versions 7, 8 and 8.5 Beta 2. The DSAPI standard was set since version 5.0 and so 5 versions and higher should also work.

Q: Will there be a win64 version?
A: Research is going on to determine what will be required to release a 64-bit version. The same code base can probably be used as is.

Q: Will there be a Linux version?
A: If enough requests come for a Linux version we will try to port the parts of the code using win specific calls.

Q: Will DAP interfere with SSL/HTTPS?
A: No, tests with SSL show no interference. In fact the GZip compression helps reduce the content size of the encrypted data, saving encryption time. HTTPS pages are not cached in the browser so a smaller page foot print accelerates your encrypted content.

Q: Does DAP interfere with iNotes GZip compression?
A: No, DAP will see that content is already compressed and leave the request untouched.

Q: I have code in my style sheet that renders different depending on browser. Can I cache that?
A: You should try to avoid this but: Yes, you can add a header “Vary: User-Agent” to the page and DAP will cache different versions depending on browser. The same goes for browser language: “Vary: Accept-Language”.

Q: How can I prevent DAP from GZip compressing a page?
A: Set the header: “Cache-control: no-transform”.

DAP Support forum here.

See DAP compression and caching statistics for here.

Screen shot of System Overview.
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Screen shot of Cache Viewer.
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Latest DAP versions
Includes two month trial license.

2012-02-14DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.03 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.03.zipDownloads: 1074

2011-04-27DAP 2.02
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.02 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.02.zipDownloads: 1077

2010-05-02DAP 2.01
Domino Accelerator Pack 2.01 is out (Maintenance release)
DAP 2.01.zipDownloads: 1271

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